Meet Allie, the fitness expert who makes losing weight and getting fit fun! Get real-time motivation, personalized workout plans, and long-term stat tracking—no gym or equipment needed!

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Dynamic, customizable workouts developed by industry-leading fitness experts.


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About / What is Fitness Ally

Fitness Ally is a mobile fitness app featuring Allie, your fitness assistant for on-demand home workouts that makes fitness approachable and accessible to people of all levels.

Fitness Ally uses your device's camera to see you work out in real-time and coach you through exercises with instant, effective feedback and motivation. We recruited world-renowned fitness trainers to program the AI that powers Allie, enhancing her understanding of proper technique and exercise psychology.

First, download Fitness Ally from the App Store and sign up on your device using Apple, Facebook, Google, or your email address. After signing up, Allie will guide you through a quick, fun (and optional!) fitness assessment to help you set your customized fitness goals!

Ally Fitness is compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd generation and above)
  • iPad Pro 11″ (all)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Mini (5th generation)
  • iPad 6th gen
  • iPad 7th gen
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS / XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE 2020

More devices and operating systems coming soon!

For the best experience, we recommend you use the latest version of iOS available for your device.

For the best experience, we recommend you use the latest version of iOS available for your device. If that doesn’t solve your problem, please reach out to us as support@fitnessally.com and we would be happy to help!

Fitness Ally uses a sophisticated virtual avatar, Allie, powered by advanced AI technology that is only possible using the bionic A12 and A13 chips in the latest Apple devices. Only they have the power to give our users a seamless experience when working out with Allie.

She tells you! Allie is programmed to offer tips and feedback in a friendly, non-judgemental manner when she sees that you’re having trouble or doing something wrong at any point during an exercise. She does this to maximize your workout efficiency and to prevent injuries.

Fitness Ally only uses your camera to see you work out. Fitness Ally DOES NOT record, share or store ANY user videos, audio or health data. Ever.

Fitness Ally only uses your camera to see you work out. Fitness Ally DOES NOT record, share or store ANY user videos, audio or health data. Ever. Our app learns from you while it’s happening, in real-time! So there is no need for us to store your data. For more information, please see our privacy policy here: https://fitnessallyapp.com/privacy

That's the best part: Fitness Ally does NOT require any additional equipment! No weights, wearables, or gym accessories. All you need is a compatible device—and you!

Workouts are designed by a team of top personal trainers and powered by advanced artificial intelligence to make sure you’re performing properly to maximize your results and minimize risk of injury. Difficulty levels can be tailored for any fitness level to get an effective, personalized workout that grows with you.

Based on the onboarding process and the goals you set when registering with Allie, she creates a personalized program that targets your needs and physical abilities!

You can track your progress (weekly, monthly, or all-time) on individual exercises and workouts anytime you want! We provide a detailed stats screen at the end of every workout as well as an overall progress tracker accessible from the app’s home screen.

No problem! You can go to your settings and disable exercises you aren’t comfortable with or want to avoid because of an injury. Always listen to your body!

Fitness Ally is made by Twenty Billion Neurons (TwentyBN), a Toronto and Berlin-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup backed by Microsoft-M12. Ally Fitness is TwentyBN’s fitness content studio.

Subscription and membership

For one month, the membership fee is USD$9.99/month

For one year, the membership fee is USD$59.99/year

A subscribed user can add up to 4 other users! The users simply have to provide their username and they’ll have access to the app as long as you’re subscribed!

Never! You will always be prompted to pay through Apple Pay and will be given a set trial before the payment goes through. (Opt-out flow, different from current version of app store)

In the settings of your phone, select your name > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions.

Workout instructions

Yes! Navigate to the My Exercises screen under Profile -> Workout Preferences. Here you can see your unlocked progressions as well as the ability to disable certain types of exercises. After disabling exercises, you may not be able to select certain workouts.

When you have proven your abilities on an easier version of that locked exercise (e.g. regular pushups to diamond pushups), Allie will unlock it for you. So just keep working out and improving!

The bar represents our unique and accurate way of measuring how well you are performing the current exercise, Kinetics. Maintain good intensity and form to keep it green!

This occurs for one of two reasons: either the app is unable to detect you in the frame or you are not performing the exercise correctly. Troubleshoot by activating the mirror feature and ensuring you are in view. If this doesn’t work, try to follow along with Allie’s movements and form corrections.

Fitness Ally offers workouts ranging from 6 to 30 minutes. That’s not just the workout, but also the warm-up and cool-down. We offer several different types of workouts including HIIT, strength training, boxing, and circuit training.

Press arrows on the left side of the screen to activate the control panel, and press on the pause / stop button. If you have enabled “Voice Activated Control” in your profile, you can also say “Stop”, “Pause”, “Take a break”, or “End”.

Having the mirror on is helpful to make sure you’re doing things correctly and to easily adjust to Allie’s feedback, but it doesn’t affect your score or her ability to see you at all.